Aside from the wedding day, the honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of being married to the love of your life.

This is the time where you can spend time together and enjoy the loving company of each other.

There’s no greater feeling than sleeping next to your husband/wife – no more saying good night or good morning from different distant places.

You just lay in the arms of your love, staring at each other as if you’re seeing your whole universe in the eyes of one another.

These romantic honeymoon ideas can come to life if you’ll only have an unparalleled preparation, and brilliant planning. With that, you can take this article as your guide to spice up your honeymoon – read and find out the hottest tips.


1. Pack the sexiest set of lingerie

The goal here is to add more and more spice to your honeymoon.

Thus, whether you’re the wife, or the husband planning the hottest honeymoon on earth, you must not forget packing the sexiest lingerie you have.

Choose lingerie like you really mean to be bold and sexy in front of your partner. It’s better if the lingerie highlights the best and sexiest parts of your body.

If you think you got that sexy curves and handful of bust and butt, then you better flaunt it!


2. Travel a place without following an itinerary

If you really want to spice up and make your honeymoon an unforgettable one, book a flight to an unfamiliar place with your partner.

Discover your chosen city or country without following a specific itinerary.

In that matter, you can start practising your decision-making as a married couple. As well as figuring out or solving minor problems during your trip – isn’t it an exciting choice?


3. Select a room with special amenities

It’s much easier to spice up your honeymoon if you choose a room to stay where special amenities are well-provided.

If you get a bathtub, Jacuzzi, or a plunge pool as amenities, you can instantly turn them one of the parts of your show.

You can plunge in the pool fully-naked while enjoying the wine together, or do the infamous trick of putting petals in the bathtub, or just have sexy chitchat with each other while warming up in the Jacuzzi.


4. Go out of town

One of the best tips considered to spice up the honeymoon is by going out of town. It’s where you can discover new places, foods, lifestyles, adventures, and more as newlyweds.

Thus, if you want to give the love of your life the best honeymoon gift or surprise, book a flight somewhere you’ve never been as an unmarried couple.

Go out and about in your chosen place and don’t forget to take photos and share kisses and hugs with your partner.


5. Get yourselves a couple’s massage

couple’s massage in a spa


You might feel tired not only from your wedding but as well as from your honeymoon night. Thus, you deserve to indulge yourselves with a couple’s massage.

This is perfect to soothe your body from whatever tiredness you’ve had probably caused by planning your wedding or wrestling with your partner in bed.

Imagine soothing yourself with a massage next to your husband/wife? Oh, that sounds cool.


6. Hop on a new adventure together

Trying a new flavour of the tea is something that’s always fun and thrilling. And for the newlyweds, it’s important to go on a new adventure together.

This will really help both you to get to know more about your partner and their behaviours.

It’s time to say no to tour groups and spend time together as newlyweds. Interacting with nature is best when it comes to going on a new level of adventures. You can sneak out and go together for a bike ride, or go on a picturesque hike, or simply take a walk and discover the beauty of nature.

When you go on a new adventure with the love of your life, you can figure out how you handle things out together – which can unveil how you’ll be handling future issues as a married couple.

It could be by finding the way out of the cave, or going on slippery hikes only to get to the summit, tracking the right way in a place where you’re both unfamiliar with, and more.  


7. Have a well-deserved luxury escape in Toowoon Bay

Most couples seek for relaxation and comfort – somewhat like a luxurious vacation. If you’re one of them, better take well-deserved luxury escapes in Toowoon Bay.

In this place, you’ll be treated like royal couples all throughout your stay. The place is absolutely perfect for meditation, relaxation, and getting away from city life.


8. Choose accommodation with sunset’s view

Channel your romantic side by opting for accommodation with the sunset’s view. And you’ll see that there’s no better way witnessing the exquisite scene than having the love of your life next to you.

You can arrange a dinner together in your hotel room. Savouring the mouth-watering food and having a generous glass of wine while witnessing the scenic moment before your eyes.


9. Dine in a luxury restaurant

luxury restaurant


Getting married to the man or woman of your dreams is truly something to celebrate for. Thus, why not plan to reserve a dinner date in a luxury restaurant?

This could be your first dinner date as husband and wife so you better plan hard for it. in fact, a luxury dinner date is priceless when you spend it with the love of your life, right?


10. Be sexy and playful all the time!

To retain the spice and romance, always be sexy and playful with your partner. Don’t disregard showing how much you love one another – don’t mind blowing kisses or sharing hugs.

It’s always better if you know how to be sweet all the time. Whether it’s a honeymoon or not, you must always express your love and affection to your partner in life.