Studies show that more than 90 percent of the supplied water these days is contaminated and is not fit for consumption until it’s properly purified by water purifiers.

Regular tap water these days contain a lot of pollutants and if one drinks those contaminated water then there are high chances of getting affected by waterborne diseases. Some waterborne diseases can be very fatal if they are not treated properly. So, one should definitely keep a water purifier at home and at work pace to get safe drinking water. It is the best way to remove impurities from water.

Water purification system is used for various purposes such as domestic, commercial, & industrial purposes. Also, these purifiers are based on multiple techniques. Now the question is why one should use a commercial water purifier on a regular basis. Here are the following reasons.


Used to remove dissolved toxic material

Water is always a natural solvent and so it can dissolve almost everything in it. So, it has a lot of dissolved impurities in it. If there is an excess of natural minerals present in water, then it can be very harmful to human health. A commercial water purifier removes all these dissolved impurities.


To remove pesticides and microorganisms

In water, one can find the presence of various microorganisms and it can cause some serious human diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, and Dysentery. These diseases can really be fatal. A water purifier machine for commercial purposes can easily extract out all the microorganisms present in the water and makes it safe for drinking purposes.


Improves the taste of the water

Some of the water impurities can change the taste of water but a commercial water purifier removes all those impurities and it also adds the necessary minerals so that the taste of the water remains good and natural.


Here are some major types of water purifiers available in the market:

RO water purifier

This is mainly based on the reverse osmosis technology and it eliminates all the impurities that can be present in the water. These types of commercial water purifier are suitable for almost all kind of impurities and water sources. It has a technology of a membrane which does not allow any contaminants to pass.


UV Water Purifier

In the UV water purifier, ultraviolet rays are used to kill the growth of the microorganisms. These types of commercial water purifiers are only suitable to treat the water which has a high concentration of the microorganisms and low level of dissolved impurities.

One can call the AquaGuard customer care and get an idea of the varieties of water purifiers that are available in the market. Also, the price of each model of water purifiers depends on several factors and mostly on its functional capabilities.

But having them at home is very important as labeled by the World Health Organisation because these purifiers can save your health and help to lead a happy life.