As the groom, all eyes will be on you and on your lovely bride. Of course, you need to look you best, as this is going to be the best day of your life. But choosing a wedding attire can be a daunting task, especially for those men who do not like shopping or are not interested in fashion and what is trendy nowadays.

Let’s face it, men usually have a hard time picking out a perfect outfit. But do not worry, there are different ways to look stylish every day, and on the most important day of your life as well.

You can ask your bride to help you out or hire a stylist. Or, you can keep on reading this grooms guide to choosing his wedding attire and learn all the fashion rules for grooms.


1. Start Looking for a Wedding Attire Early

One of the first rules you as a groom must learn is that you need to start looking for your wedding attire as soon as the wedding date is set. And, there are many reasons for that too.

Firstly, looking for that perfect attire will take time. You might have to try dozens of suits in dozens of stores. And, if you cannot find one that suits your needs, you must find a tailor who can sew it for you.  This is a process that takes time.

Secondly, you will be able to save some money, as last-minute sewing is more expensive.

And, thirdly, you will avoid stress. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, so do everything in your power to chose and purchase a suit so that you can focus on other wedding plans.

And do not worry about storing your attire. There are affordable boxes to pack your clothes, which you can take out when the wedding day arrives.


2. Your Wedding Attire Must Fit the Event

It is very important to take into consideration the place and time of your wedding day. This is why a groom-to-be should not choose his wedding attire before choosing the wedding venue and deciding on the date/time.

Brides are often so excited about their gown that they order one before any other plans are made. This is a mistake both brides and grooms should avoid. Therefore, be patient. You will look and feel your best only if your suit is appropriate for the location and time of the year/day.

Opt for more casual attire in case your wedding takes place outdoors and in the daytime. For example, you can wear a light-coloured blue or khaki suit. You should go for a more formal look in case the venue is a luxury hotel or a ballroom, especially if it’s an evening event.

In that case, feel free to choose a dark, tailored suit or even a tuxedo. A white tie event calls for a tailcoat. Pair a black tailcoat with a white shirt and a white bow tie for a traditional formal look. 


3. You Should Match with Your Bride

For brides, this is an obvious rule, but grooms often forget that their attire must coordinate with their partner’s.

Maybe you and your bride can go shopping together. You can help her pick out a wedding dress and she can help you pick out a suit.

You Should Match with Your Bride

However, if you two want to respect the tradition and not see each other’s attire before the wedding day, you at least must pick out a style and colour together.

Believe us, there is nothing worse than wearing styles and colours that do not match while all eyes are on you.

Remember, marriage is pivotal, after all, you will be marrying someone that has a matching soul, so why not make an effort to have matching attires as well.


4. You Should Match With Other Attendants

Besides matching with your bride and with the wedding theme, you must also pay attention to what other people are wearing as well. That is, you should match your groomsman and all the other guests. Many people think that this is redundant.

But, just think about it. If you do not have a theme, you might show up in a formal black tux, while your guests show up wearing casual shirts.

This is why planning a wedding in advance is important. You do not only have to worry about your attire but about everybody else’s as well.

But do not worry, this is something that can be taken care of easily. When you and your bride decide on the wedding theme, just print out what kind of wedding you will have on the invitations.


5. Choose an Attire That Fits Your Figure

When you are preparing for your wedding day, do not follow that line ‘a suit does not make a man’. Yes, that is true on many occasions, but on your wedding day, your attire must be perfect if you want to look sharp.

Go to the tailor shop and ask for a suit that will fit your body. Of course, if have a tall, slim figure, any suit or tux will be a good choice. But not everybody is that lucky. If you want to look slimmer, go for a darker, fitted suit with a slightly nipped waist.

And, if you want to elongate your body, try wearing a two or three-button jacket that has a low button stance. Grooms who are too skinny should choose a double-breasted suit for their wedding day. 


6. You Should Feel Comfortable in Your Clothes

As previously mentioned, this is going to be the most important day of your life and the day when you will get the chance to show off.

But, you cannot do that if your attire does not fit you and you do not feel comfortable in it. Even if you enter the store and pick the most expensive suit they have, it is going to look horrible if it does not fit right.

So, first, think about whether you can move easily in the chosen attire. This is important because you will be in that attire for the entire day, and you will be walking, dancing, and doing all sorts of things. This is why you must do some twists and turns when trying out your suit or tux.