Inside your sweet home, you always want a different type of style and elegance. In terms of style quotient, doors play a pivotal role in any kind of structure or establishment. Right from folding doors to something very simple, doors have an unfailing appeal and there are so many interesting things that can be experimented on them. Each door that you choose can create a different appeal inside your home and even business premises.

When it comes to the most contemporary and in-demand doors, flush doors are actually what they sound like. They are indeed flush, constructed to be completely smooth by the reputed door manufacturers in Delhi and other cities of India. These doors flaunt the elegance of the highest order and are the ones most commonly used indoors.

If you wish, you can go for faux panel doors as well. In them, you will find panels in the same thickness just as the stiles and rails of the door perfectly placed together. This way, even though the doors might have a paneled look, they are still flush.

Just because a door is flush, it never means you can choose them in any type of woods. Flush doors are available in a comprehensive variety of wood species. Here is how you can recognize the features and characteristics of high-quality flush doors for rooms and other applications-

  • Flush doors made by reputed door manufacturers in Delhi and other cities of India come with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

  • They are manufactured from specifically chosen and well-seasoned fine hardwood timber.

  • The solid block-board core to make them is framed very precisely with seasoned hardwood battens and beefed up by a layer of cross-bands.

  • They are durable, dimensionally stable and offer unmatched resistance to borers and termites with added features of being 100% boiling water proof.

  • High-quality flush doors are made using fine hardwood core veneers of full width, thickness, and dimensions

  • They are made using chemically treated superior quality seasoned hardwood timber.

  • They are manufactured under stringent quality control while adhering to the highest level of quality standards in specified tests like glue adhesion, impact resistance, screw withdrawal holding, knife, flexure, and edge loading, thereby conforming to IS 2202 (Part-1) – 1999.

  • High quality flush doors produced in India are hot pressed with extra thick ‘A’ quality face veneers.

If you are still clueless about which one you should get, let the dealer know where you want to install the door, the amount of traffic, and the sort of look you are hoping to achieve, and the dealer will provide you with the best possible flush door options. From there, what remains is only a quick installation procedure to enjoy the elegant beauty of your flush door for many years to come.

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