It can be challenging trying to plan an Indian destination wedding in places where Indian and South Asian traditions are not part of the local culture, like Cancun or Riviera Maya.

It is very likely that you are looking to preserve your rich culture and color that are the definitions of a genuine Indian wedding, and you want to know the best way to incorporate these with the flair and excitement of a Cancun destination wedding.

The following guide will provide you with better insight on the best tips you can use to plan your perfect Cancun Indian wedding.


Why Choose A Cancun As A Wedding Destination?

There are a few things that you can count on once you decide to have a destination wedding in Cancun. You will be able to enjoy great weather, friendly locals and delicious local food.

From the start, not only will your destination wedding be infused with culture and tradition, but you will also have time to explore local charm and flavour as well. 

Destination weddings in Mexico offer travellers the chance to visit beaches that are as diverse as they are beautiful. The Gulf and Caribbean shorelines have colourful reefs and plenty of hotspots for snorkelling. 

Land lovers can enjoy a round of golf, parachuting or sightseeing. Cancun destination weddings are ideal for all types of travellers.

There’s no question that Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico are highly desirable spots for hosting your upcoming Indian wedding.

Still, there are a few challenges or, at least, considerations you should be aware of before jumping in headfirst. 


1. Cultural Considerations

Probably the greatest challenge in having a traditional Indian or South Asian wedding in Cancun is differing cultures.

Whether Hindu, Sikh, Ismaili, Muslim, Persian or even Interfaith, traditional Indian and South Asian weddings involve numerous, sacred rituals, ceremonies and traditions that most native Mexicans in Cancun wouldn’t be familiar with.

That’s why it’s critical to enlist the help of an experienced destination wedding management company that is already an expert at planning, designing and executing Indian destination weddings in Mexico.

They can help make your dream destination wedding a reality, without the stress, confusion or frustration.

They will already know which vendors and venues can accommodate your unique needs and will be able to execute your vision with accuracy.


2. Consider The Size And Type Of The Venue

You will need to think about the resort where you want to have your wedding.

Will it be able to accommodate not only the size of the wedding but will it be able to accommodate you, your bridal party and your guests during the multi-day event?

If so, will the venue be able to provide you with a sense of privacy during your wedding celebrations?

The typical destination wedding is smaller than the average western wedding. However, it is not uncommon for Indian/South Asian destination weddings to have an average guest list of 100 people. 

This means that after you decide that you want a Cancun Indian wedding, you will need to find out immediately if the venue you want has the necessary space to accommodate large groups.

Since Indian weddings also include many events leading up to the wedding day, find out how many areas the resort will have available for you to use to host different celebrations and ceremonies. 


3. Will the Caterer or Venue Be Able to Provide Authentic Indian Food?

Because Indian weddings take place over several days, food is one of the key details that couples will need to consider when planning their ceremonial activities.

Even if you want to incorporate some local Mexican cuisine, chances are pretty good you will probably have a traditional Indian menu for at least some of your wedding-related events. Will the venue or caterer be able to meet your needs?

An experienced Indian wedding management company will know which resorts or caterers have chefs fully trained in preparing Indian food and will not only be authentic but fresh and delicious too!


4. Will There Be Vendors Available That Will Be Able To Provide Specific Services Related To Indian Culture During The Wedding?

Although Indian destination weddings have grown in popularity over the past few years, many destinations are still quite inexperienced when it comes to executing them properly.

The Cancun-Riviera Maya area of Mexico is a very popular destination for Indian weddings, but it is still fairly new to understanding Indian weddings and South Asian cultures. 

Luckily, you can work with an event management company that specializes in this type of wedding so that you can rest assured every traditional detail will be handled with authenticity and understanding.

The right India wedding planning team will ensure you have all the necessary decor, arrangements and vendors to host a fabulous South Asian wedding in Cancun, such as:

  • Officiants
  • Mehndi artists
  • Caterers
  • Dhol drummers
  • Decor stylists and much more


Although there are a lot of local Mexican wedding vendors that are not familiar with the customs and traditions of an Indian wedding, the right wedding management company will be able to connect you with suppliers that are experienced with Indian and South Asian weddings so that your vision is executed properly.


5. Language Barriers

Even though there are many positive aspects of planning a destination wedding in Mexico, there are also some potential barriers that may present a set of problems for you and your soon to be spouse.

One of these barriers is language. 


Language Barriers


Unless you are fluent in Spanish, or the vendors are fluent in English, it may be difficult for you to articulate your wants and needs to the vendors in the area.

This is one of the reasons why it is essential to hire a local, English-speaking destination wedding management company who knows Indian weddings.

They will be able to work on your behalf with local vendors experienced with Indian weddings so every part of your wedding festivities and ceremony will be just the way you want them to be.

And you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost in translation if you don’t speak Spanish fluently.


6. Limitations of The Venue Coordinator

You do not want to be surprised on your wedding day and find out that there are not any decorations, food or music for your wedding events and ceremony.

Keep in mind that the venue coordinator does not have the same role as a destination wedding planner. 

The venue coordinator works for the venue/resort. Their job is mostly to be your point of contact to the venue and then coordinate vendors, room transitions and venue staff on the day of your wedding.

They are not your wedding planner.

Unlike a destination wedding planner, the venue coordinator will not work closely with you on your big vision, plan and execute the décor for every event or make sure every detail of your wedding is perfectly executed.

This is the role of a destination wedding management company. 

It is important to understand the difference between these two professionals.

The last thing you will want to do is find out at the last minute you will have to work during your wedding in order to get everything taken care of. 


7. Arrive Early

Continuing from the last tip, you and your future spouse should try to arrive in Cancun a few days before your guests arrive.

This will give you two the opportunity to not only spend time enjoying the resort before the festivities begin, but you will also be able to check in with the vendors to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Any last-minute problems or concerns can be handled before the big day arrives. 


8. Discover Your Style

It’s a good idea to take some time to think about your personal style and daydream how you wish to incorporate it in the wedding festivities. 

For example, South Asian weddings are known for their colour and elegance, but even this can play out differently for every couple depending upon their own personal style.

For instance, are you attracted to a more rustic look? Opulent, luxurious decor? Vibrant colour palette? Soft, elegant charm?

Whatever your style, you can discuss it with your wedding stylist who is experienced with South Asian/Indian weddings to bring your taste into your wedding decor plan.


9. Leverage and Let Go

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and, if you’re doing it destination style, it’s also one of the best vacations you’ll ever plan…surrounded by friends and family!

That’s why it’s so important to just be in the moment and give yourself permission to really enjoy it.

It would be such a waste to plan such an amazing adventure with your loved ones only to be working the whole time.

Working with a destination wedding management company is the key to being able to let go and relax.

When you leverage other people’s expertise – professionals who really understand the intricacies of Indian and South Asian weddings – you can relax and rely on them fully to execute your vision and traditions, without spending your entire getaway worrying or working. Hire the right planning team and then enjoy your moment!

Many couples are choosing Cancun as a wedding destination. Fortunately, you do not have to forgo culture and tradition if you want to have a memorable Cancun Indian wedding.

By implementing these tips and hiring an experienced destination wedding management company, you can be assured that you and your guests will create memories that will last a lifetime.