We all know the feeling. The time has come, you are counting days to your wedding day. Of course, you’re worried about how you will look in the dress and about many other things. But in all of that hustle, it is crucial that you don’t forget about your beauty regime that’s leading up to the big day. Here, beauty parlour hacks for the bride-to-be can come in handy. 

There are many things to consider, from looking at what foods you should be eating before the big day to the beauty treatments that are worth doing.

This is the list of the industry’s top tips for looking the very best on your wedding day.

1. Take care of your diet

Changing your diet a few months prior to the wedding day can be an extremely effective way to refresh your body and skin.

It’s one of the most important bridal beauty preps there is. Nutritionists say that this is a pretty easy, cheap, and straightforward process about which you shouldn’t be worried. You just need to look at what you pile on your plate.


It’s suggested to remove all the refined sugary foods from the diet.

Fell free to also skip the dairy and add as much colourful antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits as you can. They have good effects on skin and they support healing and lower inflammation processes.

Try to spend time at home and prepare your meals – you won’t regret it. Staying at home might seem boring at times, but you might be moving soon anyway.

Household moving assistance can come in handy after your wedding, but for the time being, resting and eating properly and feeling comfortable is what you should be focusing on. 

One of the most important beauty parlour hacks for the bride-to-be is to eat a lot of colourful vegetables. 


2. Don’t get a facial peel too close to the wedding day

Don't get a facial peel too close to the wedding day

The very important thing from the list of beauty parlour hacks for the bride-to-be is to remember not to have an aggressive facial peel just before the wedding.

It could take days or even weeks for redness to fully go away. This, of course, depends on the kind of facial that you’re getting as well as on what type of skin do you have.

On the other hand, doctors say that you won’t see the full effect after just one facial. This means that people usually need a series of facial treatments for the best effect.

And there is at least a couple of weeks break between two treatments. Sun avoidance is definitely suggested before, during and after the treatments. For the simple reason – the prevention of unwanted skin hyperpigmentation.


3. Cold spoons can solve some problems

Organizing a wedding is very stressful and it can take a toll on the skin under your eyes. You’ll look tired if it’s puffy. That’s where a cold spoon will save you.

Keep a few metal spoons in the freezer and on the day of your wedding, take them out and press them on your eyes. You and your skin will both feel fresh and bloomy.


4. Do regular deep conditioning of your hair

If you want your hair to look beautiful, lush and shiny on your wedding day, you’ll need to find a good conditioner.

This advice comes from a real Holywood stylist, and he says that leaving a conditioner long enough to penetrate the hair once a week is extremely important. This can’t be stressed enough if you have dry and damaged hair. 

He advises leaving it on for at least 20 minutes because only after that amount of time do the ingredients penetrate the hair shaft properly.

Do regular deep conditioning of your hair


5. Think of dry shampoo as of your bestie

Believe it or not, scalps can get sweaty during the day. As soon as that happens, your hair becomes greasy and very soon – dirty. That’s where dry shampoo gets in the game.

Spray some dry shampoo on your hair before you go to bed the night before. It will absorb all the oil and your hair and scalp will remain clean and beautiful. On the other hand, if you have the opposite problem, there are tips for a dry scalp.

Remember to leave a hair conditioner on for at least 20 minutes. 


6. Stay hydrated

Now, hydration is the most important thing for the photograph ready skin. So the recommendation from doctors is a healthy juice and a good night’s sleep.

Avoid the temptation of too many cocktails when celebrating. Don’t drift away from your water and juice. Remember to gently cleanse the skin and put your favourite moisturizer before sleeping.


7. Beauty Parlour Hacks For the Bride-to-be: Don’t put highlighter on

Beauty Parlour Hacks For the Bride-to-be: Don't put highlighter on

Pulling a perfect bridal look by yourself can be tricky. If you can, try to list a professional make up artist for this occasion.

However, avoid the temptation of loading on a product. Highlighter should be used to enhance your features without being heavy-handed.

Professionals say that the natural look is something that is chic right now, so go easy on the shimmer. You want that your skin looks like it’s glowing from within.


8. Hairspray can improve your makeup

Okay, maybe it can’t improve it, but it can definitely help it last a lot longer. Just hold your breath and close your eyes.

Get someone to spray a bit of hairspray over your makeup. It may sound silly, but it will keep your makeup intact throughout your wedding no matter what.

Don’t go overbound with makeup as the natural look is in right now. 


9. Get whiter teeth in no time in a natural way

Many people simply book an appointment at the dentist when they want their teeth to be whiter. And a lot of brides do this as a bridal preparation. However, you can whiten your teeth all by yourself. And even in a natural way.

All you need to do is to cut a lemon or a strawberry and rub the pulp on your teeth to remove all the yellow stains. If you want even whiter teeth, chewing on carrot sticks can do wonders too. Just don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.


10. Get your nails fixed up

Get your nails fixed up

No girl wants to deal with chipped nail polish on her big day. That’s why one of the beauty parlour hacks for the bride-to-be is to go for gel nails. They’re pretty easy to put on.

You simply apply a coat, leave it to harden under the UV light and there you go. Perfect nails in minutes. And they’re bound to last for good two to three weeks.