Your wedding day will be over in a flash, but you’ll want to relive the memories over and over again. Your wedding guest book allows you to create a keepsake full of thoughts and well wishes from all of your party guests who have travelled near and far to celebrate your special day with you. 

Most popularly, guest books are displayed on a table at the reception for guests to sign as they arrive or walk around throughout the evening. It is one reception detail that most or all of your guests will interact with, so rather than providing a traditional guest book, you can try something more personal. 

Adventurous wedding guest book ideas are perfect for travel enthusiasts and bold, courageous couples who are always trying new things. Let guests leave a personal touch on a unique item that doubles as creative decor.

Guest books that are travel-themed are also the perfect addition to a destination wedding or a celebration set in a unique venue location (such as a beachfront ceremony or a wedding near a mountainside!) 

As you set off on your next big journey as a bride and groom, commemorate the occasion with a guest book that inspires a spirit of adventure.

Here are some of our favourite adventurous guest books and guest book alternatives! 


1. Bucket list guest book

If you and your spouse love to try new things, start building out your bucket list at the reception! You have tons of guests to help you brainstorm creative ways to keep your marriage on the edge of its seat.

Leave out a bucket and slips of paper for guests to write out a bucket list life idea. Whether it’s “see the Northern Lights” or “drink a bottle of wine under the Eiffel tower”, you are sure to get tons of new ideas to add to your bucket list. 


2. Snowboard guest book 

Do you and your spouse love snowsports? If so, create a cosy and chic decor piece for your home with a snowboard guest book.

Have guests sign the bottom of the snowboard, and add your initials for an extra personalized touch. You can also switch this idea out for a pair of snow skis or a surfboard.

This is also a great idea to stay on theme for a winter wedding or a wedding at a venue on a mountain. 


3. Globe guest book 

Use a vintage globe as your wedding guest book so you can display it on a shelf at home later on! This antique guest book idea can also get you new travel destinations to try.

Have your guests sign near their favourite place to go visit, and you’ll have tons of new vacation ideas by the time the evening is through. You’ll also have a decor piece for your new home, perfect for an office or library. 


4. Star Map guest book

Have your guests dreaming of the night sky with a starry sky guest book. You can print out a star map from the night of your wedding (you can print them ahead of time!) and ask guests to sign in light ink all across the starry sky.

This is perfect for astrology enthusiasts or anyone who loves the celestial decor. 


5. Atlas guest book 

This idea is similar to the globe, but not as round. Print out a vintage atlas of the world, or of your favourite place, and have guests sign advice and well wishes that you can revisit at a later date.

When it’s time to plan your next adventure, all your loved ones will be right there, along for the ride. 


6. Postcards guest book

Are you a postcard lover? This guest book idea lets your guests send you snail mail written on postcards from your favourite travel destinations.

You can also get postcards from places you haven’t yet visited yet, and use this snail mail as inspiration to get vacation planning.

Provide postcards, stamps, and a way for your guests to write their well wishes. Make sure to designate someone to collect the cards at the end to send – your venue may even mail them for you! 


7. Personalized painting guest book

If you and your spouse are art enthusiasts, consider posing for a painting before the big day. Then, display this painting as your wedding guest book and ask your guests to sign all around the picture with their well wishes. Later on, you can hang this up as decor in your house.

It’s perfect for an office or another fun room. 


8. Wine bottle guest book 

If you are a wine enthusiast, collect wine corks from your favourite wine bottles around the world in the weeks and months leading up to your big day (yes we are giving you permission to drink more wine!).

You can then ask guests to sign each wine cork and display it in a large jar in your house for a fine wine display that is also full of your favourite vineyard destinations. 


9. Vintage keys 

If you’re looking for a fun item to collect during your travels, try collecting vintage keys to use in your wedding reception! You can save these keys and then display them as shabby chic decor at your wedding.

This Instagram-worthy guest book idea has guests sign a slip of paper with marriage advice and attach it to the keys so you and your spouse can unlock the key to a happy marriage! 


10. Date-night jar 

Similar to the bucket list craft we mentioned above, a date night jar lets you collect date night ideas from your party guests!

These ideas will encourage you to prioritize keeping the romance alive with intimate date nights between you and your partner.

Whether the suggestion is “stay at home and have a movie marathon” or “go see a live show from a band you’ve never heard of before”, you’re sure to get unique date night ideas to use for years to come. 


11. Wishing stones

This Irish wedding tradition has guests sign their well wishes and wisdom on to wishing stones. The smooth surface on the stones is perfect for inscribing, and you can then display these in your garden.

You can also display the stones in a glass vase inside your home. This is a perfect idea for anyone with Irish heritage or a wedding near or on St. Patrick’s Day! 


12. Recipe cards

You don’t have to leave the house in order to get adventurous. Challenge you and your spouse to get creative in the kitchen by collecting recipe cards from all of your guests.

Encourage them to hand over a family recipe that’s been passed down – you never know what home-cooked meal you’ll end up with! If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with flavours from all around the world. 


13. Message in a bottle 

Gather messages the same way sailors did it in the olden days with a message in a bottle guest book! Lay out tiny scrolls of paper for your guests to sign and display a large vintage glass bottle.

You can also switch the large glass bottle out for multiple tiny bottles depending on the look you are going for. This creative idea doubles as creative decor for your nautical-themed day. 


14. Record player

Music is such a big part of your wedding day, so why not celebrate with a guest book that plays into the love song theme?

Display your wedding song or a romantic album in a vintage record player and ask your guests to sign on the record. If you and your partner share a favourite album, you can also display that too.

While this record will never be able to be played again, it will create an adorable and vintage decor piece at your wedding and for your home. 


Modern weddings are all about challenging and evolving traditions to make weddings feel more unique. By using a guest book alternative, you can add some personalization into your wedding day.

Personalization is a hot new wedding trend and it is a great way to connect your guests to your celebration and while also making the wedding day feel more special and intimate. 

These adventurous guest book ideas will keep you and your spouse on your toes, dreaming of your next adventure, and celebrating places near and far that are dear to your heart.

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