Nowadays, female fashion is getting changed.  Most of the ladies are changing their fashion statement so that they can look even stylish at a party. In order to look shiny at the party, there are a number of dress types that you can select. You can collect them for your wardrobe so that you can use them for any occasion. It does not matter, whether you are going for a wedding party, a reception party or even any other parties, by using this style, you will look fresh and amazed. Here are some of the fashion statements you can use. 

  • Saree

In ladies mostly prefer wearing sarees at any party. It does not matter in which party they are going to look more formal they prefer to use a saree. On that note, they may choose traditional sarees or some other type of sarees like chiffon, netted, designer, and much more. Nowadays, the usage of designer sarees over traditional sarees is mostly being used. Indian ladies if they can carry sarees they wear them on any occasion. 



  • One piece


You can also wear a pretty one-piece Indian dress to look even more stylish and gorgeous in any situation. In the case of the Indian one-piece suit in most of the cases, it gets full length. Also, a high neck dress and full-length dress will create ecstasy in the look. A dark-colored dress with beautiful patchwork will help you to look even more attractive at a party, also, it is also easily carryable and it will create a bright look for the person who is wearing it. Look at stylish Indian honeymoon dress for girl bride at



  • Traditional Salwar kameez


In order to look formal and pretty women in India also loves to wear a traditional salwar kameez. In this case, the length of the kameez remains at the knee and the type of the plant remains a casual salwar. It creates an extraordinary look so that they can look extraordinary at a party or any function. This is also denoted as the best option to look fantastic at any occasion. If you’re not comfortable with a saree, you can try wearing salwar kameez to look beautiful. You can either choose a heavy gorgeous dress or you can choose a traditional salwar kameez that you can use on any occasion.  



  • Anarkali


Instead of wearing a traditional salwar kameez, you can also try wearing an Anarkali dress in order to look beautiful on any occasion. Nowadays, there are a number of variations of Anarkali dresses that remain present that help people to look even more stylish. On that note, you may use a traditional Anarkali dress or a layered Anarkali dress, or a full layered Anarkali dress to look even more beautiful. You can even look gorgeous or to look beautiful. 



  • Lehenga


You can also wear a lehenga choli to shine at a party. There a number of designers are present in India who creates and design lehenga choli. Once you will wear a lehenga choli, you will be able to shine at the party. You can wear lehengas with beads and choli to look like a bride. As a tip, while wearing a lehenga make sure that the color of it is dark. Once you will wear a dark-shaded lehenga you will look even stylish. 



  • Floor-length salwar suit


Over traditional wear, you can also try wearing a floor-length suit in order to look stunning at a party. If you are comfortable with high heel shoes, you can also try to wear a floor-length salwar suit. This is also denoted as a “Pakistani suit” and it creates an extra style towards the look of it. Most of the best fashion wire for us blogs in India suggest salwar suit as the most beautiful dresses. 



  • Kurta


On any occasion, you can also try wearing a traditional Kurta pajama set. It also can be denoted as a function where you can wear a full skirt instead of pajamas with Kurta. In order to look stylish, you can also try using this product. The Kurta will also help you to look attractive and more formal. 



  • Jeans with a traditional jacket


As an Indian woman, you can also wear a traditional jacket with jeans. You can water an ethnic jacket as well as an ethnic suit in order to look stunning at any event. When you wear a traditional jacket, you will look attractive and formal at any party or any occasion. 

  • Patiala salwar kameez


Patiala salwar kameez is a type of salwar where the pant of the salwar suit remains fluffy. Also, it creates a modern touch in the look. As the name suggests, this style originated from Patiala. As a result, it has become a style statement of every Indian lady. You can even wear this dress at a party, at a green event, or at even at a gala party. It will create an extraordinary touch to the look of yours.



  • Fusion dress 


You can also try wearing a fusion dress instead of traditional dresses to look smart and even extraordinary. You can try wearing a tunic with a traditional pajama or a skirt. You can drape a saree with a traditional jacket instead of wearing a blue one. You can use high neck sweaters with a traditional saree to look gorgeous in the look. 



Here are some of the types of dresses that you can wear at a party or any auction, if you are women, you may like wearing these dresses. Besides that, you can also wear some other kind of dress to look stunning. Overall, they’re wearing those dresses which feel comfortable for you. Also, while you will wear something make sure that you are wearing it with full confidence it will help you to carry the dress on any occasion. If you are going to a themed party, you can also follow their guidelines to look beautiful at the party. If you are willing to create a fusion dress you can also make it using the dress that you have in your wardrobe to look stylish and even more beautiful. A gorgeous dress with light makeup will create an extraordinary look for you.