Indore’s food is already famous in India. What not you can get there, everything. If you want Indore’s food menu at your wedding, then you need to hire those chefs that can cook particular Indore dishes well, else you can hire catering services directly from Indore for your wedding. As we did for my sister’s wedding. My name is Roshni, 21 years old, foodie and an ethical hacker by profession. (Don’t worry I’m not going to hack anything of you!)

My sister Rashmi’s wedding was in Jaipur last year, and it was the first wedding in my family means in our individual family. The venue was Rambagh Palace, a royal wedding hotel in Jaipur that we booked for four days including 4 rooms. The hotel services were one of the best.

The hotel staff treats you like royal guests. The wedding was around of 500 guests. It was winter during the wedding and so much cold weather in the city. We never thought that much cold could be in January month in Jaipur. We were all preparing for the wedding sipping tea, coffee, and soup. It was all fun.

I think that events such as a wedding like should continuously happen every time. It feels ecstatic when the whole family and friends get together at one place, and a wedding is only the perfect event for it.

My sister wedding shopping we did from Jaipur including outfits and jewelry. I want to say Jaipur is the best place for jewelry. You can find the finest here in various designs. The main attraction of my sister’s wedding was Indore food. Yes, it was Indore food in Jaipur.

We especially hired catering services from Indore. If I describe the wedding menu here, I promise you to feel like you just want to eat them all.

In the wedding, the following dishes were served:

  • Dal Bafla

  • Palak Puri

  • Bhopali Gosht Korma

  • Malpua

  • Khasta Kachori

  • Heeramani

  • Khopra Paak

  • Rabdi

Above told were the half menu, I think only reading the names, your mouth gets full with watered. We also had famous Indori Poha for brunch. In the three day schedule, kachori and poha were our saviors. My sister’s husband is also a programmer in Infosys. His name is Hamendra.

Though it was an inter-caste marriage. My parents were happy with my sister’s decision but when our family met the groom’s family they agreed for the wedding. The groom’s family belongs to South India so they are South Indian Brahmin and we are Brahmin also but different. It is always the case in India that I always hate.

Though my sister’s affair went well without creating any loud noise. No dowry was taken. That is the quality I like in Hamendra that he abhors these old social norms. He is a man with new thinking and vision.

The groom’s party arrived around 4 pm in the evening in Jaipur. For them, the journey was all hectic, more than hectic and tiring also. As they arrived, starters served to them, just for filling up stomachs a little bit. Because guests were hungry also, not starving though!

Groom and bride got ready in one hour after baraat arrived and around 8:30 wedding got done. Pheras were around 10:00 pm according to mahurat. Traditions, rituals, and customs are the main things in India without them a wedding cannot be done.

Apart from all, everyone was praising the food. The wedding menu was totally exotic, why didn’t they praise! All went perfectly.

My sister is now well settled with her husband in Thiruvananthapuram. And I am doing my job dreaming for my own wedding. Besides all, catering services in Indore are one of the best. You can hire for your wedding also. Just telling you about the best food.

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