This business has a lot of possibilities to be exploited online.


The design of our interior (both at home and in the workplace) is becoming increasingly important to us every time we realize how much our environment influences our mood and productivity at work.

If you are an interior designer or work in a related field, this activity could be an opportunity for you to earn bonus income.


Here’s How It Works

Customers visit your site and discover the services you offer. You consult with customers by e-mail and in person to determine their specific accommodation needs. You then make your proposal and provide them with the services and products necessary for the final result.

You can bill your services on an hourly basis, or charge a global amount based on a contract. Your advice should take into account the client’s budget so that he or she can implement your suggestions in a realistic way.


Required Skills

You will need interior decorating skills, and experience in this field.

Basic web publishing skills would be a bonus. You may need to contact your customers by email to discuss the suggestions, and you may need Adobe software (or other image editing software) to convey your ideas for decorating and decorating. Development.

You will need to be able to expound and explain the principles of interior design to your customers and be interested in their desires.


The cost to start this business

The cost to start this activity includes designing, developing, and hosting your website, as well as a computer, software, printer, scanner, and digital camera.

You can start the adventure of the house, and on a part-time basis. The approximate cost of starting this business varies between €1500 and €4000.


Number of employees needed to start

An experienced and competent person can start this activity alone.


International Potential

The international potential of this company depends on how you want to communicate with your customers. If you wish to exchange photos with them and carry out your consultations by email, the potential will be limited to the language barrier.

However, most interior designers will prefer to associate telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews with customers.


Important information about this business

Interior decoration is a competitive business in constant mutation. To offer your customers quality service, your site must offer them some database rich enough, where users will be able to surf to find ideas, tips, and tools that will help them to decide on the development they want to achieve — their home or workplace.


Online Marketing Techniques

– Make a broad referencing on all major search engines, focusing on the region in which you reside, and on sites where people likely to decorate their interior would have more chances to pass.

– Participate in discussion forums related to interior design, renovation, decoration, to present the services you offer and attract new customers.

– Organize a reciprocal advertising system with the regional decoration distributors and building supply stores, to make known to the people who attend them.

– You can post confirmations on your website, or photos illustrating a “before / after” of some particularly successful projects.


Additional Income

In the middle of the interior design, additional income can be easily obtained because of the wide variety of manufacturers and distributors that you can recommend, without any danger for advertising your own business.

When you do an interview, it is easy for you to recommend certain products or services. You can offer anything: plumbing, electricity, wall cladding. So you can arrange to be commissioned by industries reseller partners of these products and services.

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