The concept of integrating online test maker software to the k-12 curriculum is becoming a new trend and is being remarkably acclaimed for all the benefits that it provides. Student’s efforts can lose ground very easily if there learning is not assessed on a regular basis.

This is the reason why the concept of formative assessments originated. But conducting regular assessments can be a cumbersome task for both the teacher as well as students if it is devoid of technology.

In an era where students are highly technologically active, integrating its usage into every aspect of their lives, they can’t be detached from it anyhow. When there is no availability of technology in the daily learning system then students feel demotivated and tend to understand less of what needs to be done. This is the reason why students often complain about feeling disconnected with the time and effort they put into studying and the result they obtain.

Research conducted by Robert Bjork’s stated that “retrieval of stored information acts as a memory modifier, and that using tests as learning events creates desirable difficulties that enhance learning.”

Online assessment programs are becoming the base for almost every major reform taking place in the modern education system. They are a significant factor in impacting the efforts of improving education. Quizzes, writing assessments, and tests are the best form for assessing learning on a regular basis they also lend insight to the imperfections and strengths of teacher’s instructional approach towards individual students. The results obtained from these tests are valid in a way that they directly reflect instructional standards in the classroom. At the same time results are also easy to evaluate and analyze at the level of every individual student.


How to Use Online Assessments Effectively?

1. Customize Assessments Accordingly

For online assessments to render effective changes in the instructional process, online test maker software need to be used in a manner that you can obtain its benefits to the fullest. Its customizable feature gives freedom to the teachers to design assessments according to the need but they should keep three important points in mind:

  1. Online assessments should be used as an informative source for both the students as well as teachers.
  2. They should be designed with accurate validity and norms so as to generate accurate results.
  3. The results obtained should be sincerely used as a reference to analyze the progress and shortcomings of students as well as the teacher.


Online Assessments Should Be Used as a Source of Information

Most of the students suffer from the issue of preparing for the assessment but unable to perform well because of some portions that where left unlearned out of a huge syllabus. The real meaning of assessing a candidate to generate important insight about the learning and teaching process in the class, doesn’t involve any sort of surprise question situation.

The students should be well aware of the type of questions and the exact syllabus of the assessment. Assessments conducted in a classroom are an integral source of information and shouldn’t surprise the students. They are an extended form of teacher’s instructions. They clearly exhibit the quality of classroom learning and teaching and so should be used in a manner that serves the purpose.


Online Assessments Should Be Used to Reform Classroom Learning Methods

Tech tools market particularly aims at providing online test maker software for teacher’s comfort that can be used to its optimum level. Once the results are generated from the given online assessments they should be mandatorily considered for high-quality corrective instructions that are not supposed to be repeated but reformed to suit the demands of the students accordingly. New strategies should be constructed and learning styles should be changed that can surpass the shortcomings that where highlighted through the assessment result.


Online Assessments Should Be Used on a Regular Basis

Online assessments should be an ongoing part of making efforts in helping students to learn and perform better. After every assessment that is conducted the shortcomings should be precisely covered by changing the instruction techniques. After that again a re-assessment should be done to test the effectiveness of the changes made. This way there is always a scope for growth and betterment for the students as well as for the teachers.



Education has always been an important part of the life of every individual. With so much of eminence that it holds, education should always have high priority in terms of reforming it and making it suit better to the students with fast changing time. Incorporating the concept of formative assessments has greatly enhanced the learning techniques for teachers especially with the usage of online assessment software. Now teachers can create online tests without any hassle and help to improve the education quality for every student.

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