It’s the day most people dream of and simulate hundreds of times in their heads. As arguably the most important day of your life, it’s important that you look your absolute best as well. After all, it’s going to be captured as a memory for a lifetime, right? From the right makeup look and good hair care tips, it’s all a big ensemble.

So how does one go about bringing their A-game to the big day in terms of looks?

The first thing to consider is that wedding prep is a topic of huge proportions. On the bridal side, especially, it tends to resemble an F1 pit stop crew at times.

Everyone frantically running around to make sure the bride has everything she needs. The bride’s hairdo is one centrepiece of attention that at least 2 people will be tending to at any point.

One of them will probably be a specialist from a beauty or hair care clinic, for that professional touch.

Hair Care Tips For The Bride-to-be

For the hairdo to be smooth, months of consistent hair care is required. If the bride’s hair is in prime condition, then it gives a lot of breathing room for the stylists.

Haircare is an extensive field and one that must be given due attention to by the bride when the wedding nears. From the time the wedding is fixed, it’s best to start caring for your hair’s health daily. It might seem like a daunting task.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some neat hair care tips that’ll make the whole process a lot easier. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!


1. Status check

The first step to proper hair care is to take stock of the situation. Wash your hair, get a good feel for it and inspect it.

Is it frizzy? Has it lost its gloss? Get in touch with your hair (literally) and get to know what it needs.


2. Start planning

Your hairstyle will need to match your outfit. You’ll have a general idea of how you want to look on the big day, right?

Listen to that impulse and go by the hair care tips that build towards that appearance. You may want silky flowing hair that’s just as eye-catching as your outfit. You might even opt for a more minimalistic approach, shifting the focus to your bling, perhaps.

Whatever be the case, have a clear idea about the hairdo you’re going for.


3. Snip, Snap

Woman getting her haircut

The first concrete step towards bridal hair care is to get your hair to the desired length. This is crucial. If you chop off too much, there’s no turning back, is there?

You might not even want to trim it off if it’s at the right length. A pro hair care tip here is that getting your hair at a uniform length goes a long way in pulling off that nuptial look.


4. Keep it natural

Yes, you’re racing against time. That’s no excuse to stock up on every hair care cosmetic product there is, however.

Hair care tips that take the natural route show good results without running the risk of any nasty side effects. Everyone knows just how much difference an everyday coconut oil massage can make for your hair’s health.

You can opt for natural henna colour as opposed to artificial dye for your hair. It’s all in the small decisions.


5. When out, protect

Hair Care Tips For The Bride-to-be

As with any wedding bride, you’re going to be super busy in the months leading up to D-day. Shopping for accessories and outfits is going to be how you spend most of those days.

What most people tend to ignore, however, is just how bad of an effect it can have on your hair. Amidst all the dust and heat, your hair can take quite a beating.

In that regard, one of the most important hair care tips is to cover your hair from the harsh conditions outside. For if you don’t, then all the other things you do for your hair will be for nought.


6. No stress, no fuss

It’s not just the external factors that you have to worry about. Your hair’s health depends on a delicate balance of optimum conditions. As such, subjecting your hair to adverse treatments can be detrimental.

Yes, hair straighteners and blow-dryers work for quick results, but this is not the time to compromise on quality, is it? Go gentle on your hair. Straighteners can subject your hair to a little too much heat, and damage them. 


7. Everyday wash

Hair Care Tips For The Bride-to-be

Your hair needs regular care to stay fresh. Considering how much of it comes in contact with the outside world, it’s only fair that it gets an everyday refresher!

Give it a gentle wash every day, and try to use conditioner regularly. A pro hair care tip I can give you here is to avoid sulphate-based shampoos (especially sodium lauryl sulphate) as they can affect your hair’s thickness.


8. Dandruff is tough

Dandruff, the bane of hair welfare. Needless to say, if there’s even the slightest trace of dandruff on your scalp, that’s a Code Red. You don’t want to draw flak because of a flaking head on your big day, do you?

Drop everything else and make sure you eradicate it as soon as possible. Try exfoliation, oil massages and other natural remedies. If nothing seems to work, go for broke and use anti-dandruff shampoos like Scalpe.

The bottom line is, deal with it quickly and efficiently.


9. Beauty sleep and a healthy diet

Haircare isn’t just about tending to hair. Other factors like a proper sleep schedule and diet are equally important.

This is a hair care tip that is often overlooked amidst hectic wedding preparations. No matter how frantic it gets, stay well-rested and don’t starve yourself. It does more good for your hair than you might think.


10. Professionals

Let’s be real, you’ll be a lot more at ease if trained professionals from a hair care clinic helped with your hair. There’s no denying that they stay up-to-date with the latest trends in hair care.

They work to bring those top-notch tips and apply them to your hair with expertise. It takes the pressure off your shoulders, doesn’t it?

Besides, you stand to benefit from regular spa treatments. It’s for the biggest day of your life, don’t hesitate to pamper yourself!


11. Routine works best

It may seem like an exciting prospect to try something drastically different for your big day. The truth is, it’s a huge risk to take when the stakes are this high.

For a bridal makeover, it’s safe to stick to your guns and go with what works. You can experiment a little here and there but in subtle ways. Don’t give yourself a complete recolour or perm mid-way through the preparation.

Drastically changing one thing can have a domino effect on the other wedding factors, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that.


Wrap Up

Now that we’ve gone over some hair care tips for brides, there’s probably a question hovering on your mind. What about the application? How do I apply these tips to keep my hair healthy daily? Fret not, we’ll help you with a basic plan.

When you wake up in the morning, first things first. Freshen up and drink a glass of lukewarm water. Take stock of your hair’s condition and give it a good combing through. This is to ensure that it gets refreshed from last night’s sleep. 

If it’s a little dry, maybe give it a little oiling and let it set. Most importantly, make sure to wash your hair before you step out of the house for the day.

Spa treatments can be once every 2 weeks, or once a week if you need it. What’s important is that your hair feels healthy to the touch and gives you the confidence you need to ace that bridal look.

Most brides will also want to experiment with accessories on their hair to go with the bridal ensemble. If you’re planning on this, try it out at least a few months before the wedding date. Never go for it if it puts your hair under stress. 

When you power down for the day, make sure any product you’ve used on your hair is cleansed off. When you go to bed, your hair will appreciate being left natural. 

Hair Care Tips For The Bride-to-be

As the big day approaches, the routine shifts from hair care tips to full-on hairstyling sessions and bridal look tests. It’s important to remember that those tips are universally applicable, no matter how far in the bridal routine you are.

These are some of the bridal hair care tips and pointers that should help you streamline the process. These hair care tips are suggested to provide a simple approach to bridal hair care.

Needless to say, if you’re facing issues that need to be addressed, it’s always best to get professional help from experts. 

Bridal hair care requires consistent effort to keep one’s hair healthy. Right from when the date is fixed, to the big day, it’s important to tend to your hair throughout.

If done right, then it all comes together to you enjoying your wedding day with a hair flip!