There is a future of almost everything. But when it comes to choosing a profession for yourself; you have to find out the right line that has a promising future. You can pick a line that gets you the name, fame, and income you desire. Of course, it would be best of both the worlds if the line is of your choice.

Now, if you love technology and technology related areas then you can try your hands in VLSI.  You can join VLSI design training institute in Bangalore and find out a course that is suitable for you. You know the historical development of IC computing power has deeply changed the way professionals create, communicate, process, and store information.

The engine of this remarkable growth is the capability to shrink transistor dimensions every couple of years. This trend, even known as Moore’s law, has continued for more than 50 years now.  The realm of VLSI is expanding and of course, facing some challenges too in the dynamic time.


What is the difference between software and VLSI?

VLSI is related to designing microprocessors and other kinds of cool integrated circuits (ICs). Such items are like modems, Networking, Telecom chipsets, Memories for computers Graphics and much more. IC’s that encompass multi-transistor carry in them.

IC’s  are classified as VLSI chips also the VLSI designs. If you speak of Software, it is a developing software apps that encompasses coding, programming and testing. It shows the clear difference between the realm of software and VLSI.


Different companies related to VLSI

All the VLSI companies are not at all similar. These companies might be distinguished as service providers that recruit qualified, well-trained talent and delegate them to do work on design projects of their clients; product companies, and firms that design of software that is used by production companies to make the chips.  

Similarly, there are even companies that vary in size; some are small start-ups, a couple of them are small firms in niche areas whereas others are regular and large companies. Main world renowned VLSI firms have their workings and operations in India and precisely concentrated in Bangalore in a huge manner.

It cannot be denied that VLSI offers wonderful chip design the areas of ASIC, Custom Layout and FPGA design. The job openings are everywhere Front End RTL Coding and design, synthesis, Verification, Static Analysis, Implementation, and the Design Test.  

Back End tasks or roles are like the Physical design, Custom Layout, Place, Route and so on. Nearly one hundred twenty VLSI companies are there that operate in India and the number is getting higher every passing year. These are the firms that are predominately situated in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and so on.



So, if you are thinking that there is no scope in VLSI then you are mistaken. The VLSI project institutes in Bangalore would tell you about the scopes and depths in this area. Many learners enroll themselves in different courses for an amazing future.