Picture this scene: you’re walking down the aisle in all your wedding finery. Everything looks (and is) picture-perfect. In your mind, angels are singing songs of joy and everything is moving in slow motion. As your gaze falls on the groom you both smile in perfect sync, as you collectively realize that this is the happiest day of your lives. Sounds magical, right? A lot of factors come together to contribute to the perfect wedding, from the bride’s side as well as the groom’s side. One such factor in the bridal corner is bridal makeup.

It’s not just about going with what works for a tried-and-tested approach. Bridal fashion is a field where trends come and go every week. Makeup is no exception to this, as it is a crucial part of the bridal ensemble.

First, let’s address the basic pointers:


The Basics:

First and foremost, the one thing that all beauty experts unanimously agree on is to never rush headfirst into bridal makeup. For a seamless end result in makeup, it’s best to get your skin prepped before actually beginning your makeup in earnest.

Some basic pointers that are recommended by experts across the board are:

1. Moisturize 

If your skin is dry, it won’t react well to cosmetics on it. Make sure it’s moist and healthy before applying any sort of makeup.


2. Address your acne

If you have any, that is. This might require some planning in advance, in case you have to opt for treatment or procedure to deal with it.

Woman relaxing with facial mask on face in a beauty salon


3. Prime(r) Importance

A good primer product is essential to ensure that your makeup lasts long without fading! Choose a quality primer that is known to produce good results. We also have primers for eye products as well these days, so you might want to try some of those for your eye makeup needs!


4. Clear and Confident

Your bridal makeup experience will be much more seamless if you have a clear idea of the type of look you want to go for. There’s also the question of whether it matches well with your overall look.


5. Loyalty and Trust

Make sure you use products that you are comfortable with, as far as possible. Experimentation is cool and all, but not at the risk of ruining your big day.

Now that we’ve gone over the groundwork, let’s delve deeper into the tips for the looks that are all the rage in the 2019 bridal scene.

Since the makeup is (quite literally) a layered aspect of bridal accessorizing, it’s best to listen to the experts in the field. Based on the current trends, the bridal beauty connoisseurs have a variety of suggestions that’ll help any bride nail that dazzling nuptial look.

To make it easy to follow, I will focus on the tips for each makeup region individually. Let’s have a look at what the experts have to say!


→ Go Natural

Latest Bridal Makeup Tips From the Industry Experts 

Experts in the field like Ojas Rajani are all coming to a general consensus: Less is more.

As 2019 progresses, bridal makeup is slowly moving away from looks that rely on heavy accessorizing. Natural, easy-on-the-eyes makeup is the latest bridal trend that’s here to stay.

Here are some tips to help bring out your A-game in natural makeup:

  • Pick undertones that match your skin tone.
  • If you’re going for eyeshadow, try different shades of pink and bronze.
  • As for the lips, opt for a nude lip or light pink shades.
  • In the blush/highlight department, finding the right amount to accentuate your skin just so that it looks natural, is key.
  • Expressive eyes are important for the natural look. A dash of brown eyeliner should cover for this.

The general idea with natural makeup is to keep it minimal. The look aims to enhance your natural beauty and features, and this is what it excels at.

You don’t have to take our word for it, Duchess Meghan Markle’s natural nuptial look stands testament to this!


The “Metallic Shimmer”

Latest Bridal Makeup Tips From the Industry Experts 

This is a look that has been doing the rounds in the celeb circuit recently. Going for a metallic aesthetic opens up the whole world of gloss to up your glam quotient even further.

Eyes are a major focus of this approach to bridal makeup. The eyeshadow shade you opt for is integral to pulling off this look. The shimmer element of this ensemble is to help your skin truly glow on your special day.

Here are expert tips on getting this look:

  • Ensure your eyes and lips are in matching shades. Metallic shades make a strong statement, so you don’t want too much going on in terms of your makeup.
  • Use highlighter/bronzer to nail the perfect shade of shimmer. You want it to fit well on your skin, and not stand out too much.
  • Try going for a smudged look with your eyeliner, to accentuate it further.
  • The types of shades you should go for are ideally metallic and iridescent.
  • Make sure the shimmer is evenly applied so that it gives a uniform look that leaves a lasting impression.
  • If you truly want to be the cynosure of all eyes on your special day, go for this look. It gives off a vibe that exudes confidence and elegance in one neat package. No wonder it’s been making waves in the Bollywood circuit.


Regal Splendour

Latest Bridal Makeup Tips From the Industry Experts 

For those ladies that want their princess bride fantasies fulfilled, this is the way to go. With the right makeup, you can totally ace an opulent bridal ensemble.

The name of the makeup game here is creating a glow on your face.

For this look, the experts recommend:

  • Pick dark tones for your eyes. Your eyeliner and eyeshadow should synergize well with each other.
  • When it comes to a regal Indian vibe, nothing else nails the look like rich pastel shades do.
  • Choose a shade for your foundation/blush that accentuates your facial features.
  • The royal look goes best paired with jewellery, so make sure that the makeup doesn’t overshadow your accessories and vice versa.
  • For the lips, go with a colour that best strikes the balance between lively and timeless. Shades of red and crimson work well.

The regal look has been the go-to pick for most of Bollywood’s high-profile weddings. They may have happened in foreign locales, but they all looked like Indian Queens!


Going Glam

Latest Bridal Makeup Tips From the Industry Experts 

This is a relatively safe bet in terms of bridal makeup, and one that has withstood the test of time. At its core, this is about finding your own style using the tried-and-tested techniques.

How does one strike this balance, in the 2019 bridal scenario? Here’s the experts’ take on it:

  • For the glam look, you want to go for a radiant vibe.
  • Experts from Hollywood swear by the effectiveness of matte formula here.
  • As for the lips, pick a dark red shade, to up the glam factor while keeping it classy.
  • Choose a good shimmer look for your eyelids.
  • Pick a colour and play to the aesthetic that it defines.

The glam look is always in vogue in the bridal circuit, and a hot pick outside of it as well!

This look is often seen on red carpets, and one particular Miss World has been taking the world by storm with her glam looks of late, at events like the Met Gala.


Ever Ethereal

Latest Bridal Makeup Tips From the Industry Experts 

This is a relatively new technique that has been doing the rounds and involves a fair bit of mixing and matching.

When done right, it makes for a truly amazing bridal look. The whole vibe of this look is to create a warm aura around the bride, in a way only she can exude.

The makeup connoisseurs advise these tips to crack the look perfectly:

  • Go for a smoky/blurry eye look. Combine eyeshadow and eyeliner to achieve this perfectly.
  • Keep a nude lip or some slight pink shades. Minimal is the word here.
  • Use a slight dash of highlighter to make your cheeks appear radiant and give them that classic glow.
  • Getting some contouring done prior to trying this look can go a long way in enhancing the look as a whole. This stands true especially if you have a chiselled jawline that could complement the glow.

The ethereal look merges simplicity with style to give a look that is sure to wow all those in attendance on your special day. This look usually blends well with light shaded dresses, for a truly angelic appearance!


A few other important points to keep in mind during your bridal makeover are:

  • Make sure you and your beautician are on the same page regarding the look you’re going for.
  • Approach your makeup session energized and ready to go. What’s on the inside matters too!
  • Last but not least, don’t conform to trends religiously. Go with what you’re comfortable with.

In the ever-evolving field that is bridal makeup, trends come and go. But trends are just a guideline, a means for you to unlock the perfect makeup look that is your own style.

So go ahead, make your dream wedding magical with an on-point makeup game!