After making it through the heart-stopping and mind-boggling wedding proposal, it’s now time for you to face countless wedding preparations for the big day.

Since that it’s usually the bride who takes care of most of the wedding details such as the theme, design, location and so on and so forth, you’ll more likely look exhausted rather than excited.

When preparing for the wedding, you don’t have to be the one to suffer.

As a bride-to-be, you should start your beauty regimen right after the moment you said “Yes” to that life-changing question.

So, put the pencil and papers down and keep your eyes on the pages before it’s too late.

You’re about to read these bridal beauty preps that will totally transform you into a lovelier woman before your wedding day.

1. Be physically active

One of the major preparations you have to undergo is to get yourself physically active.

When you say physically active, you don’t merely do work out today, tomorrow and then quit on the next few days.

Being physically active instantly gives you a firmer, more toned, and more appealing body.

You can purchase basic gym equipment to help you get easy access to working out – you know, due to busy schedules preparing for the wedding, this suggestion definitely helps a lot.

Also, having at least the basic pieces of gym equipment at home can motivate you to stick with your fitness plans not only as a bride-to-be but as an individual.


2. Give your hair some extra care

Indeed, hair is every woman’s “crowning glory”. Admit it, you carry yourself better when you know your hair falls right into place.

Well, to avoid a “bad hair day” on your wedding day, give your hair the ultimate extra care that it deserves.

You can have your frequent salon hair treatment that’s appropriate for your hair type.  

Just an extra tip for you: it’s better if you retain your long hair or keep it longer.

In that way, you’ll no longer have to stick with hair extensions and obviously, you’ll have more options on what to do with your hair.   


3. Eat healthier to feel better

Healthy Food

You wouldn’t want to wear your wedding dress with unwanted belly fats and bloats, right?

Thus, say no to sugar, sodium, processed foods, and a longer list of unhealthy foods as early as you can. It’s time for you to shift into a healthier menu.

Instead of a snack, go get some juicy fruits or green, leafy veggies, or you can also opt for drinking fruit juices rather than carbonated drinks – well, drinking lots and lots of water should never be disregarded.

Also, it’s highly advisable for you to check on the best healthy meal plans tailor-fitted for your health status.


4. Get that healthy glowing skin

As a bride, you should shine the brightest and look the finest on your wedding day. And for that to be possible, you have to get yourself up, work and invest for healthier glowing skin.

Don’t expect your fairy godmother to do the transformation for you, okay?

You can achieve that healthy glowing skin with regular exercise, eating healthier foods, meditation, practising a good sleeping habit, and more.

Never forget to pamper and refresh your skin with facial treatments. Take note that it’s better if you opt for organic products rather than non-organic ones.     


5. Plan your hair and makeup trial

hair and makeup trial

Wedding day is one of the biggest events in someone else’s life. That’s why preparing for your overall look must be given lots of attention too.

If you don’t want to get disappointed with your hair and makeup up-do, you can plan an appointment to several wedding hair and makeup trials.

You can check on the wedding expos, or simply ask your preferred hair and makeup artist to do hair and makeup trials for you.

In that way, you’ll be able to see whether you’re going to tie your hair up, braid it the “princess” way, or simply wear it with beach wave curls, and so on.

Also, that’s a great chance for you to blurt out your ideal look for the big day.


6. Prep your brows

As your wedding day keeps approaching nearer and nearer, put your tweezers down and leave your eyebrows alone, okay?

It’s innate for most girls to shave their eyebrows frequently – and that’s not ideal for a bride-to-be.

If you’re really itching to do your brows, it’s better if you go and visit a brow salon to do eyebrow shaping for you.

Different types of eyebrows have been bombarding the internet lately, but keep this in mind, fuller and thicker eyebrows are better to shape than those that look like a super thin line above your eyes and lids.


7. Grow your lashes fuller and longer

As you wait for the wedding day, try on growing your lashes fuller and longer. You can get a sweeter and more romantic look if your lashes look healthier and fuller.

The use of Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and castor oils are some of the most suggested ways to grow and your eyebrows.

However, if you think you don’t have enough time to achieve it, you can rely on false lashes to easily create a nice volume on your eyebrows.


8. Get the perfect nail polish

nail polish

Getting frequent manicures is something you wouldn’t want to exclude on your bridal beauty prep.

Remember, your nails will be exposed as you hold your wedding flower, as your groom puts on the ring, and your toenails are possibly exposed too as you wear your glamorous wedding shoes.

There’s no better way you can create a livelier impact on the photos rather than choosing the best nail polish for your finger and toenails.

It is best if you choose a nail polish colour according to your skin complexion – also, it’s better to stay with light or pastel colours than bold ones.


Final say:

And…it’s a wrap!

You can now kick-start your bridal beauty regimen as you wait for the biggest event of your womanhood.

Just a little reminder, your confidence, good heart, and smiles are the best dresses you could wear on your wedding day – so, don’t forget them, okay?

If you have more bridal tips and hacks you want to share, feel free to reach us and send your thoughts.