Getting the right paperwork and documentation is a problem faced by several foreign investors as well as expats willing to start a business in Dubai or those who already have a company. The Dubai government has made the operational procedures very simple, online and user-friendly.

However, lack of knowledge and the confusion among the entrepreneurs is the prime reason that people do not grasp the course of documentation and related governmental works.

Not just for business setup in Dubai but document clearance in Dubai along with governmental approvals is a prime functioning for any business setup in Dubai or even an established company. Someone relocating to Dubai for business may be surprised by the number of governmental works that are required to be taken care of. This is mainly because the majority of the population of residents including entrepreneurs are expats and non-UAE nationals.

Hence to organize the country aptly and to ensure that there is a regulatory system for businesses and commercial entities – paperwork and document clearance in Dubai is crucial.

Governmental scrutiny, document clearance in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates is also required because Dubai makes sure safety measures and acknowledges all aspect of viability.

Thus, several constitutional, as well as personal documents, are subject to official certification, judicial legalization, approval from the respective ministry, acknowledgment from the embassy or consulate or other sanctions from the governmental and semi-governmental organizations.


Does this mean you need PRO services in Dubai to start a business?

Yes, to get the documentation clearance in Dubai businesses needs PRO services in Dubai or a service provider also referred to as the Public Relation Officers /PRO.

A PRO generally is involved in the document clearance procedures. The framework is to get a certification or approval that is broadly termed as clearance from the legislative departments. Their agenda involves processing of employment visa, employee labor card, immigration cards, investor visa, spouse or family visa and renewal of all of these documents as and when required.                                                                                                                                      

Arranging visit visa and extensions to such visas along with registration of a new trade license and renewal, attestation of documents, processing of documents from Dubai Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Economic Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign, Ministry of Justice and relevant ministries; are some of the responsibilities of a PRO in the process of document clearance.


Are there any more reasons for which companies would require PRO services in Dubai through the year?

  • Employers and business owners in Dubai need to provide employees with a residency visa. A UAE residency visa contains the employee’s passport and individual details. It also has a title, defining the position in the company, the residency number and the expiration date of the visa. To get a visa company normally relies on the PRO service provider for their company. Visa related obligation are catered by the PRO service providers.
  • The Emirates ID is an ID proof with a magnetic chip. It comprises the person’s identification particulars such as – date of birth, passport number, a passport photo and the provided residency number that is commonly processed with the PRO service provider of the company.
  • An essential for your employees is the Labour Contract. The employer and the employee make a contract with is abided by the law which states the contract procedures of the employees are guided by the law. A PRO usually draft as well as process the Labour Contract ultimately making things easier for you as an employer.

Shuraa Business Setup is a one-stop-shop destination for all your governmental needs, legal issues and any type of document clearance related to business setup and more! To know the fastest and the best cost of PRO services in Dubai UAE call us now!!!

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