Moisture method is a common phenomenon, there are some industries which are practicing standard moisture method as they need quicker results, others use specialized moisture analyzers to check the level of moisture at each step. The range of moisture level range from 1% to 99% and such tests are generally required by industries like food, agriculture, textiles, and paper.

Talking about moisture analyzers, these are actually meters or balances used to measure the moisture level during the LOD process. These are specifically designed for loss of the drying process as they help to entreat infrared heating technology.


What is LOD?

Loss of drying, commonly known as LOD. It is the phenomenon where the sample loses moisture when they are heated. And when such loss of moisture takes place, the sample loses its weight as well. However, when the entire moisture vanishes sample stops losing its weight.

The way to calculate the lost moisture level is to compare the weight of the sample before drying and weight of the same after drying. This process of losing weight due to moisture is also called gravimetric loss.


What actually is moisture and how is it different from water?

Some people confuse moisture with water content but technically both the things are totally different. Water is a mere part of moisture. Apart from water content, it has organics, different flavors and other substances used in the process. The moisture is released when the sample is heated in order to follow the process of moisture analysis.

Moisture analyzers need to get configured or programmed to get the standard results as we get through a standard method of moisture analysis. Some of the samples are tested through both moisture Analyzers and through the standard method of analyzing moisture. There is a negligible difference in readings and results of both the methods.

Infrared heaters that are used in the LOD process is somewhat similar to the oven that we use at home. The coil wire is specially used to transfer the heat to the required sample. The coil wires make sure to provide consistent heating to the sample so that moisture level can be reduced to the required level and the actual weight of the sample can be adjudged.

Some of the developers also use halogen instead of quartz and coil wire, but the problem with the same is that it does not provide consistency. It changes the temperature very rapidly. With halogen, the temperature decreases and increases in no time. Such a tendency at times leads to overheating and at times it does not let required heat to reach the sample.

Also, with halogens heat is generally concentrated closer to external areas and thus it provides lesser heat at the required area where samples are placed. Not only such problems lead to higher time to evaluate the moisture levels but it also provides inappropriate results.

Looking at such problems it is always recommended to avoid moisture analyzers with halogen as a component.

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