Many companies are still reluctant to integrate YouTube into their social media strategy. However, we can see from SocialMedia Examiner’s previous report that the social network will become a very important part of the marketing mix in the future.

More than 69% of marketers plan to use more YouTube in their marketing plan. A figure that says a lot about the evolution of the most famous video platform in the world. It is important to analyze the possibility of integrating YouTube into your business and thus to see what real opportunities its use could bring you.

Why not monitor how your competitors are using this tool and how it is being used? This is why we are going to discover 7 reasons that could motivate you to make YouTube one of your new weapons in social media strategy. Let’s find out immediately.


Inexpensive and easy to handle

There was a time when creating a video and putting it online cost a lot of time and money. This time is now over! It is currently very easy to record videos and publish them, thanks to technological developments as well as online video platforms like YouTube in our case.

There is no reason a video you post on YouTube costs you a lot of money. With a little patience and creativity, it’s quite possible to create an original video without having to dig deep into your budget. No special equipment is needed to publish a video on YouTube.


Video integration and ease of sharing

One of the biggest advantages that YouTube can offer us is certainly the ease of integration of its video database. Whether it’s a blog, site or a social network, it’s very easy to integrate the desired video on all kinds of platforms.

An opportunity to seize since this will allow your viewers to easily share your video with their network of friends. Your message is thus dispersed further in the sphere of the web.


The popularity of the platform

If being present on YouTube should not be taken lightly, the different figures show however that to be interested in the minimum of things to do. Indeed, the most recent figures tend to show the huge audience of YouTube. Here they are.

  • More than 6 billion hours of movie are viewed each month, almost an hour per person on Earth
  • Every minute, 100 hours of video are put online
  • The number of subscribers has more than doubled compared to 2012
  • 70% of YouTube traffic is generated outside the United States
  • More than 1 billion exclusive users visit YouTube every month


YouTube is the second largest search engine

We tend to believe that Yahoo or Bing! Closely follow Google’s search engine popular in the world. Well, it’s wrong, the second most used search engine is YouTube. Thus, owning content on YouTube makes sense when you know that billions of queries are searched on the platform.


Google has bought YouTube

Everyone is now aware and knows that Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. It is therefore reasonable that in addition to being present on the platform, to fill his profile (URL, etc.) is very important for your SEO.

Be sure to fill in clearly and as effectively as possible all the fields useful for your SEO such as hashtags related to your videos for example. This will help you improve in the eyes of Google that will not fail to make you benefit from better SEO.


Make your products or services more “tangible”

Videos have the gift of making the interaction between the seller and the buyer more concrete. Indeed, for brands that exist only through the web, for example, YouTube allows customers to better view certain products or services.


Improve your reputation

Web users we like to have access to some useful videos such as tutorials or practical videos that show how to use such software for example. The customer who buys your product wants the same thing and offering video content made it easier for them to understand the start of their new tool.

This clearly shows that your primary goal is not to sell your product, but to make sure that your customer is satisfied, from purchase to use. Your videos can thus embody a real gain of confidence in the mind of the consumer who could come home if he is satisfied. Few companies offer such videos, but if you use them, it will make you stand out from the competition.