It’s one of the most functional areas of the home – but that doesn’t mean to say that the hallway needs to be boring.

On the contrary, this tends to be the grand entrance to a home. Most modern-day houses are constructed with the hallway at the front of the property, meaning that it’s an easy way to satisfy those elusive first impressions that we all go through.

While open plan living has grabbed the headlines over the last decade, it doesn’t always have to be like this. Today’s article will reveal some transformational tips that show how the typical hallway can be given a touch of glamour to make it anything but the functional corridor that many use it as.

It sometimes just takes a vase of flowers

We got this first idea courtesy of Avas Flowers. The Avas Flowers Instagram page has some great ideas on how you can transform your hallway with a touch of vibrance and unsurprisingly, this doesn’t come at a huge cost. There’s no need to invest in brand-new furniture, as long as you have a sideboard or even a shelf, a vase of flowers can add color and freshness in one, easy sweep. Take a look at these Avas Flowers case studies for more inspiration on how to transform your hallway.

A larger change: the floor

While the first suggestion may have been quite minor (but utterly effective, we should add), this next one is slightly larger. This time, it’s all about the floor.

The nature of a hallway means that the floor tends to get tired very easily. It’s a high-traffic area and as such, any shiny new finish isn’t going to last very long.

Bearing this in mind, you need to think about both aesthetics and durability here. One example is vinyl; once upon a time it may have had a wretched reputation, but there are now premium options available which make it appear like more expensive materials such as natural wood and even stone.

Consider bespoke storage

OK, it doesn’t have to be bespoke, but you need some sort of smart storage in a hallway. As we all know, it attracts pairs of shoes like no other place and can look like a cluttered mess in a matter of no time.

It’s also one of those areas of the home which are difficult in terms of shape. There are all sorts of tiny corners, and this is why bespoke storage can be such a valuable option. You won’t all need it, but it will allow you to store the likes of shoes in a unit that doesn’t just look like it has been bolted to a wall.

Get smart with your coat pegs

This is yet another one of those ‘practical’ features of a hallway but in truth, it doesn’t have to be like that. Sure, you need somewhere to hang coats, hats, and every other garment that finds its way into your hallway, but it doesn’t have to be ‘too practical’.

Instead, think outside the box. How can you make the pegs link in with the decor? Or, can you disguise them through some smart shelving techniques? There are a bunch of ideas on this page that can help you with this.